Ghost Ship

Exactly 35 days ago, I lost someone I cared about. It came out of nowhere, and hit me like a bolt of lightning. We hadn’t been speaking for a while. He had his life, and I had mine. But it hurt. It hurt so much, that I reached out to people I care about. To…

In absentia

What happens when a playwright cannot leave his country? How does his work reach the rest of the world?

Face two face

Cop Shiva’s camera presents deeply investigative portraits of two performance artists, whether they know it or not, says Asawari Ghatage.

Stock exchange

Pete is not only the heart of the city; it is also the heart of trade. Avenue Road is the main artery, and the by-lanes are the smaller veins. If pete shuts down, all of Bangalore will come to a standstill

Sand men

Through an uprising in Mali, living in refugee camps in Algeria, and finally returning home, only to embrace the world through tours, music band Tinariwen has come a long way over the last 30 years.